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Couple hold hands by old wall for Islington Town Hall wedding photographers

Another lovely Islington Town Hall Wedding & Reception at The Albion

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There was a lot of love in the air at this Islington Town Hall Wedding day. It was small and intimate, fun filled and loving and was covered by just myself David as the entire wedding party was just ten people. Carmen and Andy decided to invite their closest family and friends, and to make it an early 10am ceremony so they could enjoy a private lunch at one of my favourite north London gastro pubs The Albion on Thornhill Road Islington.

Couple hug in ornage doorway after Islington Town Hall wedding day

I got their early and was met by a guitar and flute player the couple had booked to play at their wedding ceremony. It was a lovely image for me to witness them practicing walking up and down the corridors in the town hall beforehand. Music was good too!

Small wedding ceremony at Islington Town Hall London

Carmen arrived first in a traditional London back cab so had to hide a for a while as Andy came next with his parents. The ceremony was emotional, and the couple had written their own vows to each other for a more personal feel.

Islington wedding couple by blue door Upper Street

After a traditional confetti thrown on the steps in front of the town hall the wedding party walked along Upper Street a nice winding route to The Albion. I used this time to photograph the couple in various spots along the way including Hoxley & Porter.

Couple kiss in corridor at their Islington Town Hall wedding

Islington has a lot of memories for me as I lived there for many years, ran a business on Essex Road, and two of my children were born there. Almost every street has a story attached, but I enjoy creating new moments and memories for brides and grooms in a photographic sense, and that also means I see familiar places a fresh each time.

Couple hold lamp post after Islington Town Hall Wedding image

The Albion itself is a great Georgian pub, in fact I like it so much that when I’m in the area I try and pop in. It has a fantastic walled beer garden at the back which is great for both eating and drinking, and I feel like I’m somewhere in southern Italy sat out there at times.

Islington wedding couple outside Hoxley & Porter Upper Street

Carmen and Andy had booked out the beautiful private dining room upstairs for lunch. Food and service was excellent of course, and I documented their speeches and cake cutting before waving them au revoir.

Wedding couple kiss in garden of Albion Pub Islington

Weddng couple kiss outside The Albion pub IslingtonBy David Green

Wedding couple inside Islington Town Hall

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Wedding cake upstairs at The Albion reception

Wedding couple by sign in The Albion pub Islington

wedding couple kiss in London Islington doorway

Another great Islington Town Hall Wedding, then on to Hoxley & Porter and The Albion

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Sometimes but not always for a smaller and more intimate wedding just one of us will photograph the special day. Usually that’s myself, David, while Joanna has a day off! I really enjoyed working with and photographing the thirteen people involved in this great Islington Town Hall wedding.

Faded wedding photo at the entrance of Hoxley and Porter

Francesca and Stuart the bride and groom had communicated with me only via email, which happens occasionally, as we usually try and meet people face to face at some point before the big day. However it’s not always possible, and it’s certainly not a necessity.

Groomsmen chat on the steps of Islington town hall
Couple with balloons on Upper Street crossing at Islington Town Hall wedding

Photo of exchanging of wedding rings at Islington Town Hall

What that meant was the first photographs I would take would be the first time I had seen either of these good people. The minute I saw Stu walking towards the Town Hall with his groomsmen, with a broad grin on his face when I waved to him, I knew we would all get on well. It was the same feeling I had when I saw Francesca arrive in her London wedding taxi.

Bride and groom hold wedding balloons Londons Islington borough

Unusually for a wedding at Islington Town Hall we all had to access the building from an entrance on a side street. That day (it was a Tuesday) Kate Middleton the Princess of Cambridge was also visiting the building at the same time for a charity engagement. Although I tried to walk through the front entrance and question Kate on why she didn’t book us for the Royal wedding, security and MI5 agents were having non of it! We all imagined and hoped for a scenario where Kate would mistakenly walk through the wrong door into the wedding ceremony, then we could either politely chuck her out, or invite her for an impromptu snap with the couple.

Final kiss at Islington wedding ceremony

As this was a celebration for Francesca and Stu with closest friends and family, the wedding ceremony itself was held in the Lord Mayors Parlour, one of my favourite wood panelled rooms in Islington. It felt a privilege to document such a love filled and intimate ceremony. Afterwards everyone made sure the couple were absolutely showered in confetti, I know, I was picking it out of Stu’s hair hours later! By this time though, both Elvis and Kate Middleton had left the building…

image of wedding party throwing confetti atIslington Town Hall

We all walked together the short distance to their first reception venue the atmospheric Hoxley and Porter on Upper Street. Now as I remember this place used to be called the Grand Union Bar when I lived nearby, and with it’s bowed out front window it is a very recognisable part of Upper Street’s history.


It’s undergone a fantastic transformation for Hoxley and Porter into a kind of Orient Express look and ambience, very well done I must say, with fantastically friendly and attentive staff. While the wedding party enjoyed bubbly and nibbles I snuck away with Francesca and Stu for some couple shots around the immediate area of Upper Street.

Bride from Islington wedding at Hoxley and Porter

As you can see from some of these shots these guys really loved their balloons, which were also used to designate their special area in Hoxley and Porter. I risked life and limb, as I always do, to get a shot from the middle of the road of them crossing the street near the appropriately named Cross Street. I have quite a few plaster cast art pieces bought from a supplier who is sadly no longer there I noticed as I scanned around for familiar haunts. Not that I would go shopping in the middle of a wedding day!

Couple smile on stairs inside for Islington Town Hall wedding photographer

After Hoxley and Porter we all caught cabs to the nearby Albion on Thornhill Road, another gem in Islington from the Georgian era. As it was now dark the Albion was beautifully lit as a venue for their atmospheric second reception. The couple had their wedding cake on display¬†and their evening wedding table ready for the feast and speeches to follow. All I saw was laughter, smiles, love and affection all day long from everyone there, and oh yes…balloons.

couple chat by tree and autumn leaves after their Islington wedding

I’ve put a couple of extra images at the end here for two reasons. The first, I love the fact in this particular image below that both bride and groom were both overcome with emotion at the same time, and they simultaneously reached for the hankies.

Bride and groom cry at Islington wedding ceremony

The second is for mirrorless camera lovers, as I decided to quickly experiment with a new toy the Fuji XT1 interchangeable lens camera. I put a prime lens on the 35mm 1.4 as this can literally see in the dark and gives a nice shallow depth of field at an aperture of 1.4. I brought two other main cameras – Canon’s, but it was nice to whip out the Fuji every now and then as it’s small, silent and therefore very discreet.

wedding couple hug and kiss at Islington town hall

newlyweds turn round for photo on Islington footpath

photo of Islington wedding bouquet on autumn leaves

Wedding lights and candles by mirror photo

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By David Green