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Happy couple photographed at Tower Bridge in London

London Bishopsgate Wedding Photographers

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St Helen’s Bishopsgate, Threadneedles Hotel and Tower Bridge

When you are a London wedding photographer it helps to have the eyes of a tourist or visitor to our great city when you are working. By that we mean looking at what may be very familiar to you in a fresh and unique way, each time a well known place is the location you find yourself on a wedding day. As a busy in demand photographer, you owe it to each and every couple to be as fresh and sharp sighted with your image making on their big day as humanly possible. When Joanna and I formed Big Day Weddings ten years ago, the first question we asked ourselves was “if we were looking for a wedding photographer to capture our special day, what would we want from them?”  We try and bring the answers we found for that particular question  to each and every once in a lifetime event we cover. One such area we have worked many times that is still as fresh as the first time is Bishopsgate and its surrounding streets.

Tower Bridge wedding photographer London

This particular day we started at the lovely Threadneedles Hotel just behind the London Stock Exchange and the Bank of England, on wait for it…Threadneedle Street. Kim and Michael as regulars at St Helen’s church in Bishopsgate naturally wanted to get married there, with their familiar clergy Andrew Sachs conducting the service. Bride and groom both got ready at the Threadneedles hotel, making sure their paths didn’t cross, and Joanna and myself flitted between the two of them to get the full story of the start of their day.

Wedding procession St Helens Bishopsgate

St Helens Bishopsgate wedding image

The service at St Helens was a very heartfelt affair, and after a mixture of reportage photography and some formals too, we caught a wedding taxi to explore Butlers Wharf and Tower Bridge area for forty minutes, while the wedding party made their way by foot the short distance to the hotel for the reception. We love photographing wedding couples in the Tower Bridge area, which again is an place we have worked in and around many many times. After our fun and games there, and some good hearted banter with our London cab driver, we all headed back to the Threadneedles for Kim and Michael’s champagne reception.

Threadneedles hotel wedding photography

laughter at Threadneedles Hotel wedding


wedding photo at Butlers Wharf

marriage vows at St Helens Bishopsgate London

bride getting ready at Threadneedles Hotel

You can see we used a variety of lenses here from fish eyes to exotic fixed focal length portrait lenses. Some people have already asked “is that kissing shot at Tower Bridge real?” Well, to do an Ed Milliband: “Hell Yes!” All we did was boost the blues in an already dramatic sky. For the shot of Kim in the lift lobby area of the hotel, Joanna held a Fresnel lens spotlight over Kim while I zoomed in from a far and used my “secret” tactics to create a reaction to give the image some extra dynamism. All good fun!

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By David Green

Tower Bridge Wedding Photographers

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Tower Bridge Wedding Photographers

One of the best things about being professional London wedding photographers, is the incredible and varied locations that couples choose to celebrate their special day in.  As Tower Bridge wedding photographers we have many times been able to work inside, outside, and alongside this most remarkable and famous Victorian landmark. Because of its classic look, we have photographed couples who want traditional wedding shots, right though to those that prefer more eclectic and contemporary looks and quirky locations. Its always important for photographers to remember they are in the service industry, and although they may have an individual style and approach, that they are there to give the bride and groom who pay for them exactly what they want, and more besides!

Tower bridge wedding kiss

Tower Bridge wedding photographer London

Wedding view from Tower bridge

sunset wedding shot at Tower brige

Tower Bridge wedding photography

You can have an intimate civil ceremony in the Bridge Masters dining room part of the bridge, which is a very romantic location. Then you are able to have your reception in the wonderful dual blue walkways that span the bridge’s two towers. One of our favourite restaurants to eat in is Pont de La Tour at Butlers Wharf, and whenever we go we there we can look in any direction including towards the bridge and remember a happy day and corresponding couple who we have photographed there!

The four Thames side areas of the bridge all have incredible photographic opportunities for the trained eye, so much so that you need a plan with your wedding photographer, otherwise you could easily over run your big day schedule. Have a plan but of course there will be plenty of opportunities for spontaneity, and the more people skills your Tower Bridge wedding photographers have (read that as us..!) then the more natural you will look in your images.

A little bit of history…Construction work on Tower Bridge itself began in 1886 and was officially opened in 1894, though at the time not all of London was impressed with its design. Yet now when many people think of a London landmark they probably think of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and of course…Tower Bridge.

In 2011 Tower Bridge won the 2011 Event Magazine award for Event Space of the Year, we can certainly say it is one of the most memorable and special venues that we get to photograph in.

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Tower Bridge Wedding Photographers

Tower Bridge wedding photos

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