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London Wedding Photographer

Central London Wedding Photographers “Big Day Weddings”

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Central London Wedding Photographers

Central London Wedding Photographer Header Image

Well when you live in a suburb of London, what do you term yourself as? Barnet photographer, central London wedding photographers, Enfield, Mill Hill, Home Counties? – this is the region we live in but the area we cover ranges from Greater London to Europe! Recently David spent a day with Peter Prior a previous Cosmopolitan magazine Wedding Photographer of the Year. Peter works anywhere (he’s very very expensive by the way…) and told David he rarely meets couples before their wedding day. We on the other hand actively encourage people to meet their wedding photographers because they will be spending such a lot of time around them on their special day.

Bride looks from hotel window at St Pauls Cathedral on wedding day

Wedding couple walk in middle of road in Mayfair London

London Routemaster Bus Wedding

Bridesmaids sit on tank at London Islington wedding day image

Husband and wife near Bank Station on London wedding day

For some couples this is a decider, they want someone local to them they can visit easily, some times these wedddings are nearby, sometimes further afield. What if you live in Mayfair or Richmond for example (areas we do a lot of weddings in) and if you looked only physically locally to yourselves – perhaps you typed Central London Wedding Photographers into google, then you could well be doing yourself a disfavour, because a Barnet based wedding photographer could actually be your best choice! Where is this leading? Well actually all we were originally going to say today was how much we enjoy photography in Central London! For the trained eye there are incredible opportunites in the most unusual places for fresh exciting and memorable photos. Thing is, for the average wedding couple you may only have about twenty-five minutes allocated in your schedule to make those pictures, the photographer needs to have quick thinking creative vision, get the job done, but be relaxing and fun too, so another good reason to hire full time professionals to do that job for you. These are some of  the reasons we believe we are Time Out Recommended for London. We’ve now covered so many London streets, areas and landmarks with our wedding photography, we feel like we could moonlight sometimes as tour guides! So anyway,  here’s a few pics…

To see over 100 wedding images just click on the link here: GALLERIES OR just scroll through this blog, it’s full of images! By David Green.

Chaing Cross Winter Wedding London

Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Graphic

London phone box wedding

By David Green


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Top image on Model Mayhem

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Well it’s not just about London wedding photography, we do other things in the week too as well as editing images from the last wedding or engagement shoot. We checked the stats today on our Model Mayhem page and this is our most viewed fashion inspired image, so thought we would share it. We may be London Wedding Photographers most of the time these days but we love a bit of a fashion sensibility for wedding days and portrait shoots…if the mood and outlook suits the couple of course!

To see over 100 wedding images just click on the link here: GALLERIES OR just scroll through this blog, it’s full of images!

London wedding photography


For a change….other things we do sometimes

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Ralph Laurens exclusive themed range for children

We were delighted to be chosen as photographers for iconic fashion brand Ralph Lauren’s launch of their RL Gang experience range of clothes recently. It was fun to hang out in Knightsbridge too, no time for Harrods though…

Test shot at De Beers with Joanna as model

Spring started our wedding season full swing, though we do always have some in deepest winter too, it also meant a job for De Beers Diamond Merchants, which was a lot of fun, a well as an education in how the industry works. Joanna as test model before sessions began. She will smile like that on wedding days too…..

Wedding days are always a chance for some great portraits using many kinds of available light and top of the range equipment, but it keeps us fresh to experiment with ideas outside of the big day too

Anybody we work with us is a “star” to us. A lot of people ask photographers though if they have worked with so called “famous” people. It happens if your name gets round (or you are a  paparazzi) anyway here’s a promo shot we did of comedian Paul Whitehouse in character. A thoroughly nice chap by the way.

To see over 100 wedding images just click on the link here: GALLERIES OR just scroll through this blog, it’s full of images!


Barnet Wedding Photographers "Big Day Weddings" Blog has landed

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Tribute to the Beatles Mayfair Wedding Photographers

Tribute to the Beatles in Mayfair…..

Well we thought it about time we let our previous and potential couples know what we have been up to recently, and also so they can find out something of our attitude and approach. It has been a very busy wedding season for us especially in the Barnet Enfield and general North London regions. As this blog continues we will review some of the fantastic people we have worked with and showcase some of those images.

Ray and Tara were great to work with, and it just goes to show that as a bride you can do whatever you want on your special day including stopping the traffic in both directions to get that “Abbey Road” shot! Ok so it wasn’t in St Johns Wood but we were Mayfair wedding photographers that particular day, too many onlookers in the real locale!

To see over 100 wedding images just click on the link here: GALLERIES OR just scroll through this blog, it’s full of images!

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen Well Mayfair – with Barnet wedding photographers Big Day Weddings 

And if you want to do the tango in front of someones garage doors behind the church – well why not? We also had fun with phone boxes, railings and all sorts of central London architecture

Seen as this 4 year old post keeps getting found we put a few more recent images in! Actually please leave this ancient history page and have a look around the website proper…now….go on… heard us  🙂

or late at night in the urban landscape…

Central London Wedding Graphic


Charing Cross London Wedding Photographer


London Wedding Prices Graphic