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First kiss Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding ceremony

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding photographers, and a sky full of stars

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Trinity Buoy Wharf London is one of those weird and wonderful wedding venues that we have been asked to photograph many times but we have always been doubled booked! So naturally we were delighted for the first time to be able to say ‘yes’ to T & M’s November big day.

Groomsmen walk to Trinity Wharf wedding ceremony

We love a good winter wedding which is just as well as it’s always a busy time for bookings with us every year. Never mind it was wet and windy, we are used to that too!

Bridal prep for Trinity Buoy wedding day image

Our day started in London’s Canary Wharf quarter with T’s bridal preparations in an apartment overlooking the Thames. There was certainly plenty of laughter anticipation and energy on show. After a while I (David) headed off separately to document M and his three best men and groomsmen’s arrival at the wedding venue and their “meet and greet” of all the arriving guests.

Groomsmen share a joke at Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding London

I grew up next to a lighthouse in Yorkshire so it was special for me to experience London’s only such beacon across the Thames from the O2 arena as well. So what if it doesn’t work anymore, what could be more cool than a lighthouse with a wedding ceremony and reception venue beneath!

Wedding ceremony at Trinity Buoy Wharf London

T and M arranged some great decor for the venue and we particularly liked their hangings from the ceiling. This made me think of Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars and I was keen to incorporate it in some of the angles I shot for the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately the registrar was in the line of sight for most of the proceedings except for the first kiss, so when that window of opportunity arose I dropped to my knees and got the shot  I’d seen in my minds eye, and which I’ve used as the featured image in this post.

Trinity Buoy wharf wedding couple in lighthouse

Anyway it was a great ceremony and afterwards while Joanna documented the drinks reception I went off with the newly weds straight to the top of a very windy, cold and slightly rainy lighthouse to do some couple shots. Nevertheless we had a great time and the rain did us a favour and stopped for an hour after a while so I had a chance to do some family shots too just outside of the venue.

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding couple outside lighthouse by O2 arena photo

Wedding couple hold hands and laugh at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Bride and groom in gardens for Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding

History wise Trinity Buoy Wharf is really two buildings. The area for wedding ceremonies and receptions was a storehouse and maintenance depot for buoys, and the lighthouse was added and completed in 1866. As well as doing it’s traditional lighting duties the structure was used to train lighthouse keepers and was also used for experiments by famous scientist Michael Faraday.

Bride and groom by sign at Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding

After a super wedding breakfast, speeches and a bouquet toss it was time for the first dance and getting down to some serious partying!

Kiss during wedding speeches at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Trinity Buoy wedding collage one

Trinity Buoy wedding collage two

By David Green

Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding venue London

If you are looking for, and would love an alternative wedding style and venue take a look at this related post here: Tanner Warehouse Wedding Photography, with a ceremony at Stoke Newington Town Hall

Wedding ceremony room at Trinity Buoy Wharf

David and Joanna Green Big Day Weddings profile image

What are David and Joanna’s approaches and attitudes to wedding photography?

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Big Day awards email 2

Recently we were nominated by one of our lovely couples for The Wedding Industry Awards, which are the biggest and most comprehensive in the UK, that led to many more voting for us, and nicely we have been chosen as one of the finalists for later in the year.

Below is the TWIA questionnaire we filled out after our nomination. It was an excellent exercise to answer their well thought out questions and we thought it would be a good idea for prospective and past wedding couples to read about our approach and philosophy for what we do and love.

Here’s our answers in full:

What Is Your Company ethos?

Very simply, as a couple we wanted the best for OUR special day, so we feel it is only fair that we give our very best for YOUR special day. The fact that we love what we do is just a bonus!

What makes you different from your competitors?

We are a couple who work on the basis of striving to give as good or better than we had on our special day. It’s only fair and we love it! We believe we have above average dramatic flair. We analyse every wedding to see where we have done well, and where we could improve, and this process has never stopped for us. It’s our definition of photographer’s ‘integrity’.

Choosing only one, what is the most valuable aspect of the service you offer to wedding clients?

Truly listening to people. We know that we can do a great job for people, but by listening to what they value the most, it allows us not just to meet all their expectations of us, but to actively exceed them.

What was the most valuable thing you learned in your last year of business?

The importance of remaining open minded. You can never know everything, no matter how experienced you are. It’s a joy to keep learning and pushing yourself. Learning from someone who has only just began their photography journey as well as the masters. If you are open minded you can continue to absorb, learn and grow. Anything less is probably naive.

How do you manage the client journey from booking to the wedding day?

Communication is key. So from the minute someone books with us we keep in regular contact, even if it’s just to touch base. This allows us to build a relationship over time and really get a sense of what makes that couple tick and what they value. All our collections include a pre wedding shoot, so a proven great way to further develop that relationship and get an ever clearer picture of our combined approach for the wedding day. A week and a half beforehand we have either a face to face meeting again or a Skype call to go through the timeline and the plan one last time in detail. On the day itself we always arrive a little earlier than expected so that we have a an extra chance of having everyone super relaxed and happy before we start shooting.

London wedding photographer at St Pauls Cathedral

Describe your approach to the wedding itself. What, when, how and why do you do what you do when shooting a wedding?

Our approach starts with the mind set of: “what can I do or not do, to make the images the best we can create on the day” that means where to ‘step back’ and where to gently ‘step in’ to direct a situation.

The day starts with arriving earlier than planned to look at the light in and around the venue, because this will affect our photographic choices later. Next, looking for establishing shots and any other details we can get earlier rather than later, so our focus can primarily be on people and the chemistry between them.

Next we literally breath in the atmosphere of who and where we are to begin our coverage. We introduce ourselves according to the personalities and people we are photographing and then start to shoot.

We have a mental checklist of must have shots and requests as a framework to give structure, but are constantly looking for those unstructured magic moments too, and opportunities to create something a little different from the usual.

Again knowing when to step back and observe, or gently step in is critical.

If it’s a wedding with both of us, we are looking to maximise our workload and time management. So we will take up different vantage points for both ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, speeches and evening celebrations.

If David is doing some couple portraits then generally Joanna will be roaming the drinks reception, photographing details and wedding breakfast rooms etc. David will pitch in with this and then move to photograph any family and friends groups a couple have requested.

Because we have planned extensively beforehand we can concentrate on being ‘in the zone’ for our couple and their guests.

We often joke between ourselves that a wedding day is the only time we are ever truly single minded. We literally cannot think about anything else and we believe that shows in what we ultimately produce.

Wasn’t sure how much detail to go into on this question!

What is the single most important thing that is required to be an excellent wedding photographer?

Adaptability. Looking at that it is actually two words, adapt and ability. Adapt to the light, the situation, the people and personalities around you, the weather and opportunities that arise. Put that with ability and it becomes a win win combination.

Describe your style and approach to being a wedding photographer.

We would describe it as creative documentary. That means ‘taking’ as well as ‘making’ the most memorable shots possible. During the day it means total concentration to be ‘in the zone’ so that no opportunity or angle is missed in the purely documentary side of coverage. It also means if the chance arises “fighting for the shot”, which is simply if you see a chance for something dramatic or different to make that couples memories even more special, then go for it. But of course only if the couple or guests are happy and it fits their personalities!

How Many Weddings Do You Supply Each Calendar Year On Average?


How many clients whose weddings you photographed between 24.10.17 and 09.10.18 have seen their finished product (eg: prints or album included in their package or ordered after their wedding)?

All of them

You can also find out more about us on the website here: David and Joanna




London wedding couple under arch with flying birds photo

St George’s Cathedral & Gherkin wedding photographers

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It’s been a really multicultural and international year for us so far with our wedding photography. This particular big day was a very Swiss affair, with some of that Alpine magic coming into play from our lovely couple S and A.

Bride looks across London Gherkin wedding day

The day began with coverage of our bride in the couple’s apartment in Bermondsey, with mum and bridesmaids in attendance.

Bride gets ready on Gherkin wedding day

Bride and bridesmaids before St George's Cathedral wedding ceremony

When I  went on their balcony to take some shots I saw something that definitely made me smile, there it was in the distance, the main building in view – The Gherkin. Everyday these guys look upon that architectural marvel, no wonder they chose it for their wedding reception!

St George's Cathedral wedding in London wide shotWedding ceremony at St George's Cathedral London

First kiss St George's Cathedral London wedding ceremony

Wedding recessional at St George's Cathedral ceremony

While I documented the excitement of the morning, Joanna was at St George’s Cathedral to capture the groom’s preparations and his ‘meet and greet.’

Wedding kiss at the doors of St George's Cathedral in London

We’ve photographed at St George’s near the Imperial War museum a few times now, and it really is a grand structure.

Wedding party cross London road by St George's Cathedral

St George’s Cathedral itself was built in 1848, but was extensively damaged in the blitz of the second world war, and had to have a large amount of rebuilding.

Gherkin wedding collage and B Bakery tea bus

It looks truly striking and magnificent today, no wonder couples enjoy their wedding ceremonies there.

After the ceremony close family went to the park next to the war museum for some group photos, and then it was all aboard an old London Routemaster bus for a scenic tour before arriving at The Gherkin.

Wedding couple pose outside The National Gallery London

London wedding couple by Charing Cross Tube station entrance

Now this was no ordinary route master wedding bus. I would have to say it was our favourite one ever because it was run by Bridget’s Bakery, and it was fitted out with lovely tables and cake and sandwich displays for enjoying the best of the bakery, while taking in the best of London on the way. Brilliant!

Wedding couple hold hands by London phone boxes Charing Cross

Bride and groom kiss in front of London phone boxes after wedding

I got off at Trafalgar Square with S and A for some couple shots in and around the area, while Joanna travelled with the rest of the part to 30 St Mary Axe, also known popularly as The Gherkin building.

Bride and groom walking through London's Charing Cross area

Something to remember for any couple planning to travel around central London with your wedding photographer on a Saturday: it’s going to be very public and very busy. Actually that is one of the highlights that you really need to embrace to get the best out of the scenario.

London wedding couple in gardens before Gherkin reception

Bride and groom pose with Charing Cross architecture photo

If this is your plan you will find it’s pretty special to be applauded and congratulated as you walk the streets. Everybody loves a wedding couple, trust me I have seen it a great many times.

Wedding couple look across the Thames towards Waterloo bridge

The other things to bear in mind is that time and opportunity is limited. You have on average 20 to 30 seconds at most to get that shot because of opportunity and the general public. You may well be moved on by security too as many places actually require a pre paid license for professional photography.

Wedding party in front of the London Gherkin before reception

There are ways around this sometimes, and if there’s a way around it we know what it is!

London couple look out of Gherkin window at wedding reception

We had fun on The Strand, down to the embankment and finishing on Waterloo Bridge, before  hailing a cab back to The Gherkin.

Bride and groom by head table at Gherkin reception image

Searcy’s look after fine dining and entertainment spaces at the Gherkin so I knew the setup would be lovely.

We had a little time to take shots of S and A in the wedding breakfast room and a corridor near by before dinner was served.

First dance with umbrella and streamers collage Gherkin wedding

The thing about weddings at The Gherkin is that depending on the size of your wedding party and requirements, the space can be opened out or divided up. For these Swiss lovebirds, it was a more intimate affair so a room that we are used to seeing larger for ceremonies was divided into two.

After dinner it was time for speeches and cake cutting. We then witnessed a Swiss tradition we haven’t encountered before which was the couple dancing beneath an umbrella while streamers were continually thrown over them. It’s similar to Italian traditions except they don’t have the umbrella!

All in all a fantastic day from Bermondsey to St George’s Cathedral, around London in the tea bus to the Gherkin for the wedding reception.

By David Green

Wedding couple laugh in gardens of Hanbury Manor

Another lovely ‘Thank you’ card through the post. Well, thank you!

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It was great to receive this ‘thank you’ card through the post from Yui and Mark today. These guys were married at Hanbury Manor earlier in the year, and they also nominated us for The Wedding Industry Awards. It’s the first competition we have ever really entered, so fingers crossed and thank you to you two for putting us forward.

Thank you card for Big Day Weddings-Hanbury-ManorHere’s a link to their wedding day in April: Hanbury Manor Wedding Photographers

And their Google Review of us: Another Big Day Weddings 5 star review for David and Joanna, thank you!!!

Here’s what these guys had to say:

“Dear David and Joanna,

We Hope this finds you well! It’s hard to believe that six months have passed since our wedding at Hanbury Manor, and this card is long overdue! The past months have been busy, but we have had time to reflect on our wedding and truly appreciate just how beautiful everything was! Big Day Weddings really made a difference to our day…both of you are brilliant at what you do and you managed to capture the occasion beautifully from the “record” shots down to the details, the candid shots, groups, guests, US, and everything in between! You handled our guests so well and your people skills were out of this world! Thanks again for a fantastic job done and for being part of our day! You have our highest recommendation!!

Mark and Yui Redford”