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Couple on beach by Oxo Tower engagement photo shoot

Oxo Tower and London’s Southbank engagement shoot

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Engagement shoot couple walk on by Thames on Southbank

Barbara and Andrew have lived and loved in  London for a while now, but have decided to emigrate to Canada and start a new life in Vancouver. They wanted a romantic engagement shoot in the capital to celebrate their relationship, and to have a permanent set of photographic memories in places special to them to mark their time here.

Couple laugh on beach for London Southbank engagement shoot

Usually this kind of photography is done before a wedding day, but then again there really are no rules and the couple decided to do it a few months afterwards. We had great pleasure photographing their special day at Asia House and Sketch, and you can read about that, and see some of those images here on the blog: Wedding day at Asia House and Sketch in Central London

Couple in window at Southbank engagement shoot

We met each other on a very windy afternoon by the Oxo Tower building on London’s Southbank. It’s an area we have taken the kids to many times on a Sunday, and also one we have a great deal of experience photographing in. From weddings at the Oxo: Oxo Tower Wedding Photographers and St George’s Cathedral to many other engagement shoots in the area: Chinese Engagement shoot in Central London, Tower Bridge and Southbank and London Southbank Engagement Shoot to highlight just a couple.

Couple on pebble beach London Southbank engagement shoot

Engagement couple stood behind Oxo Tower London

The Southbank is an area that has had a massive regeneration over recent years, from retail and artistic spaces to state of the art apartments. Yet it retains an urban almost shabby chic look that is visually very appealing.

Engagement couple kiss in doorway London Southbank

From the areas around Festival Hall to Gabriel’s Wharf and Oxo Tower, it has many quirky spaces. If we are lucky on an engagement shoot day and the tide goes out near the wharf, then we can shoot on the beach with St Paul’s and the London skyline behind us.

Engagement shoot at London's Oxo Tower and Southbank

Engagement couple by boat in London Southbank

Engagement couple on beach by Oxo Tower at London Southbank photo

As usual during this kind of photo experience we had a lovely relaxed and fun time, as this mirrors our own personalities, and we feel it is reflected in the imagery. We wish Barbara and Andrew all the very best for their new life in Canada, and look forward to hearing their news in the future.

By David Green

Kenwood engagement shoot on Hampstead Heath photo

Kenwood House Engagement Shoot Photography in Hampstead

By | Barnet Wedding Photographers, Wedding Venues | No Comments

We are looking forward to Sophie and David’s central London wedding day in July. They came to us through recommendation which is a frequent and pleasant occurrence in wedding photography, and always a good start! For them Kenwood on Hampstead Heath was a place with memories and meaning, and the perfect place for their engagement shoot photography.

Couple kiss in front of Kenwood House engagement shoot

Many is the time we have visited this lovely place to walk both the dogs and our children, and for this shoot it was half term so I (David) took two of our sons with me as well. The boys happily went off to play football in front of the stately home, while myself Sophie and David went on a little photographic adventure.

Engagement photography at Kenwood lake Hampstead

Kenwood House is a former stately home and dates from the seventeenth century. Notably it was a seat for the Murray and Guinness family of aristocrats. It was eventually bequeathed to English Heritage and had a complete refurbishment finished in 2013. Inside there is a fantastic art gallery with priceless paintings by Rembrandt and Van Dyck to name a few.

Wedding couple on Hampstead Heath stare into each others eyes photo

The back of Kenwood has been cleaned up so much compared to what we have been used to seeing over the years, and now it gleams bright white in the sunshine, to the point where it is almost blinding and I wanted to feature that at the end of our shoot. The hardest part is trying to get those shots without all the visitors walking past. Fortunately this was a Tuesday afternoon, it would have been impossible on a weekend, and besides we would probably be photographing a wedding then anyway!

Engagement couple sit on grass at Kenwood House photo shoot

I also wanted to feature the meadowy parts of Kenwood (“meadowy” – is there such a word!??) with lovely spring flowers and blossom, and also try and incorporate the lake nearby in some form. Of course an engagement shoot at Kenwood or anywhere for that matter is a good chance to get to know a couple better, and reinforce the fact that photography in the hands of experienced shooters is fun and rewarding.

Couple hug by tree during Hampstead and Kemwood engagement photography

Couple kiss in arch at Kenwood House London

They sent a quick email after receiving the shots saying:

“Hi David,

Thank you so much for the amazing photos! We love them and everything you captured. We’re now having difficulty trying to choose our favourite for the invitation!!

We are really excited for the wedding photos!

Thanks for also doing this so quickly.

Sophie and David”

Kenwood House engagement shoot photot

By David Green

Engagement shoot couple sit on bench by Kenwood House

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Jewish wedding couple laugh in Hampstead pergola crop photo

London Waldorf Hilton Hotel Wedding Photographers

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

We were delighted as ever to photograph at one of the capital’s most famous and iconic venues in our role as London Waldorf Hilton Hotel wedding photographers for Danielle and Ben’s big day.

Israeli dancing at Waldorf Hilton London wedding reception

This Edwardian gem was opened in 1908 and commissioned by William Waldorf Astor 1st Viscount Astor, and has been a landmark in the Covent Garden area of central London ever since. It’s certainly a classic venue for a celebration of any kind and Danielle and Ben’s Jewish wedding day was no exception!

Bride gets ready at Waldorf Hilton London photo

Our coverage started with Danielle and her bridesmaids and families preparation’s at the hotel itself in one of their classic suites. Ben and his groomsmen prepared themselves in the fabulous Palm Court area of the Waldorf, a spectacular Edwardian glass roofed space that was immortalised on celluloid in the 1953 film “Titanic” as the famous ship’s ballroom.

Jewish wedding Waldorf Hilton London

The Palm Court area was where the wedding ceremony itself and bedekken (unveiling ceremony) would take place, with a beautiful white chuppah (wedding canopy for those not au fait with the term) featuring as the centrepiece.

Hampstead wedding shot summer

After some photographic time with the ladies of the day, and then Ben and best men shots I made me way to the Tish room for the start of the wedding day formalities. We are veterans of Jewish wedding celebrations, but for those not familiar with them reading this post the “Tish” (sometimes spelt “tisch”) is a time when the men of the day get together in a dedicated room to eat and drink a little, socialise, and sings some songs before the serious business of the groom marrying his bride. It is also a time when the rabbi can explain the meaning of the jewish marriage certificate to the groom to be and get him to formally agree to it’s terms.

Jewish bride poses in London doorway on her wedding day image

The “bedekken” which Danielle chose to have in front of the wedding party is stepped in Jewish tradition, and to put it simply is a veiling of his future wife by soon to be husband (also spelt badeken). It is a moment often charged with fantastic emotion, as it is the first time bride and groom see each other on their wedding day.

Badoken at Waldorf Jewish wedding in London photo

After that came a lovely heartfelt ceremony under the chuppah. I shot images close by under the canopy with the couple, their parents and rabbis, while Joanna shot discreetly from various angles around the Palm Court. Video we should mention this special day was provided by Barry Cookson.

Jewish wedding ceremony at Waldorf Hilton Hotel London

Jewish wedding ceremony at London Waldorf Hilton hotel

After the smashing of the glass underfoot and the inevitable enthusiastic celebrations it was time for champagne and canopies around the Court. I used this time to photograph some pre planned family shots, while Joanna went round doing some reportage photography and taking guest request shots as often happens at this time, especially at a Jewish wedding!

Kissing wedding couple at Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens

Exchange of rings at Waldorf Hilton wedding ceremony

Jewish wedding ceremony photo at Waldorf Hilton Hotel London

The wedding breakfast took place in the magnificent Adelphi Suite, along with some very energetic Israeli dancing, speeches, cake cutting and a great deal of partying till late into the night. As usual with wedding receptions of this size at the Waldorf Hilton there was a great live band to keep the energy going to top off a splendid and dramatic day all round.

Wedding couple kiss in a doorway on their central London wedding

Now where did the couple shots come from and why? Usually on a wedding day we will find twenty minutes or so to take the couple away, either around the wedding or reception venue, or outside whether that’s urban streets or countryside next to a manor house for example. With Daniele and Ben’s wedding the schedule unusually didn’t allow for this, so what we did was book off some time on a other day after their honeymoon.  Where? Round the corner from their flat in Hampstead, and why not!

Wedding couple dancing at Waldorf London wedding

This part I did on my own, and I found it very relaxing and even more enjoyable knowing the couple weren’t worrying about the timeline of their wedding day. The sun came out too, so all in all perfect. It was nice too because I got to know the couple a better and also meet their dog.

Jewish bride after her Waldorf Hilton Hotel wedding

Band plays at wedding reception Waldorf Hilton London

Bride and flower girls pose at Waldorf Hilton Hotel wedding

Wedding couple kiss on spiral staircase

To see another recent Jewish wedding day on Park Lane take a look at this blog post here: Four Seasons Hotel Wedding Photographers Park Lane

By David Green

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St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographer couple pose outside photo

London Church Weddings, to home counties and beyond!

By | Barnet Wedding Photographers, London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments


London church weddings, we love them! Well any church wedding, although about fifty percent of all ceremonies we cover today are also in licensed and interesting civil venues. We love them too of course!

The reason we thought about writing about church services around the capital and home counties, is because we were asked recently to show a couple at a meeting some extra wedding images taken in churches. They were concerned about available light levels and where would their clergy allow photographers to shoot. The images in this piece were lifted from recent blog posts and were what we showed our couple to answer their questions. They actually booked us there and then.


Needless to say after ten years of fantastic experiences with wedding photography from St Pancras to St Paul’s to St Tropez (yes we have done them all) we are very well versed with capturing beautiful imagery in churches whatever the light levels and position we find ourselves in.

As every wedding day is different, so is every church and it’s clergy that we work with. Some vicars and priests are very relaxed with little restriction on what a photographer can and can’t do. Others have a very clear set of rules and some of whom send us them before the big day. We generally aim to find out well in advance so that we can plan, and we are always very respectful in the midst of a wedding ceremony.

Enfield church wedding shot

We are mindful that a wedding service is an incredibly special and intimate moment for both the couple and their friends and family. Wherever possible we photograph from a distance and put our cameras into silent or semi silent mode.



It’s very important at this time to be as unobtrusive as possible. For the couple this part of the day passes so fast that the photos of what actually happened become even more critical to reliving the moment that their commitment to each other became a “real” marriage.


Italian Wedding CeremonyBride-walks-down-the-aisle-at-Hampstead-wedding

Some of the most important shots to capture well at any church wedding are the brides processional and the the corresponding recessional at the end of the newly weds. The exchange of rings, that first glance when the groom sees his bride to be, and of course the first kiss as man and wife are essential too.


Featured images here are London church weddings as diverse as St Paul’s Cathedral, The Italian Church Clerkenwell, St Bartholomew The Great, Southwark Cathedral, St George’s Cathedral, Shoreditch Church, St Sophia’s Greek Cathedral in Bayswater, Farm Street Church Mayfair, St Stephen’s Hampstead and many many more.

Here’s some links to a few of the previous writings and wedding images from the churches showcased in this post:

St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding Photographers & Skinners Hall Reception

Lansdowne Club and Farm Street Church Wedding Photography

Shoreditch Wedding Photographers. Claire & Jamie’s big day in East London.

Smithfield Wedding Photographer

Greek Wedding Photographer London & Saint Sophia Cathedral Bayswater

Southwark Cathedral wedding with Butlers Wharf, Tower Bridge & Vinopolis reception

By David Green

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Wedding couple by red phone box Chelsea and St Lukes

Wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall with Laura and James

By | Barnet Wedding Photographers, London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Perhaps one of London’s most famous wedding venues is Chelsea Old Town Hall. It’s certainly a place we love to photograph at and we are always excited to return there. Along with Camden Town Hall and Marylebone we would say it is part of central London’s holy trinity of civil wedding venues!

Wedding kiss at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Laura and James chose it partly as James grew up in the near vicinity, but for some of the couples we have photographed, it has been so desirable and so much a symbol of London that they have come from as far as Newcastle and Paris to celebrate their union there.

Confetti throwing at Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding

This wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall actually began in Friern Barnet with Laura and her bridesmaids preparations at her parents home. At the same time we photographed James with friends and family at a watering hole in the Kings Road. That is of course one of the beauties of having more than one photographer! Although David has photographed quite a few smaller wedding days on his own in Chelsea, this one was larger and definitely benefited from Joanna’s presence too.

This special day we also worked alongside Martin Family and his associate videographer Koon from Special Occasion Videos (link at the end of this post). Both these guys have such a relaxed but professional nature that they are always a pleasure to work with, and like ourselves always aim to add to a wedding day without dominating anything in the proceedings. When you are experienced but passionate about what you do then this becomes second nature.

Chelsea Town Hall St Lukes Church wedding

After a ceremony full of love laughter and smiles it was time for that iconic confetti throw on the steps of the old town hall. We always get a sense of deja vu at that point but of course everytime it is totally different.

WEdidng couple in the Sydney Arms pub Chelsea

Once all the hugs kisses and congratulations had been done Joanna travelled with the general wedding party to the reception venue in Enfield North London, while I took Laura and James to some favourite spots I use regularly for couple shots. This included a little trip into the Sydney Arms pub on the way.

Bride and groom in park by St Lukes Chelsea

Once again although we may often shoot in the same general areas in Chelsea, naturally every bride and groom is different and the opportunities that arise and the approach  we take to photography and style reflects this. It is essential that the wedding photography suits the tastes and sensibilities of the people involved, and we pride ourselves on both achieving and surpassing this.

Wedding couple hold hands on Kings Road Chelsea -photo

Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding bride and groom on a bench photo

I actually travelled to the reception with Laura and James in their wedding car which I enjoyed but I have to say this is not normal and we don’t expect this kind of service from you!

Chelsea-bride-leads-horse-in-stables-on-wedding-day-imageExchange of rings at Chelsea Town Hall wedding ceremony

Bride with horse on London wedding day image

The reception was at an equestrian centre that Laura runs in Enfield, and she and James had arranged a large marquee on the grounds for the wedding breakfast and evening celebrations. Family and friends photos were shot there as well as a great deal of the usual naturalistic documentary style of coverage of everyone that makes up an important part of every single wedding day.

Groomsmen chat in field Enfield wedding reception

Here’s another of many weddings at Chelsea Old Town Hall previously featured on the blog: Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding photographer

Videography by: Special Occasion Videos

By David Green


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Flower girls at Honourable Royal Artillery London Wedding

The Honourable Artillery Company Wedding HAC at Armoury House

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

The Honourable Artillery Company building or HAC as it is often referred to, is one we have strolled past many times on a Sunday as we walked the kids to various activities and shows at the Barbican Centre and the Museum of London. It also sits next to a very interesting old inner London graveyard, well worth a visit in itself.

Honourable Artillery Company Building photo taken on London wedding day

So when Caroline and Grant got in touch with us about their wedding at HAC we were delighted not just to photograph their special day but also for a chance to have a nosey around inside such a great piece of architecture too!

Wedding dress hanging up in the Honourable Artillery Company HAC building

Bride has makeup applied at HAC wedding day image

Our coverage of the day started with myself and Joanna photographing Caroline’s bridal prep within Armoury House itself. It was the usual laughter filled time with bridesmaids and family, makeup and hair artists and of course popular London wedding photographers!

Bride comes down aisle at HAC wedding in London

After a while I left the building and crossed the road to catch Grant and his groomsmen having a relaxed drink at a nearby pub.

Wide shot of Honourable Royal Artillery wedding

It wasn’t long before it was time for the ceremony in the magnificent Long Room of Armoury House. The house is an eighteenth century mansion and along with the Prince Consort rooms and five acre Artillery Garden make up the official home of the RAC, and is full of interesting and historic military memorabilia. It’s certainly a great and atmospheric place to get married in.

Exchange of rings at HAC London wedding

Honourable Artillery Company wedding ceremony photo

After the ceremony we arranged a continuous confetti throw all down the staircase to the front entrance, where staff were ready with bubbly and snacks for the drinks reception. Everyone enjoyed some sunshine in the Artillery Garden while the Long Room was turned around for the wedding breakfast.

Confetti throw atArmoury House wedding London photo

Wedding couple pose by gun at HAC Armoury House wedding

A special mention of the staff too who were excellent efficient and helpful throughout the day.

Bride and groom at Armoury House wedding

After quality eating and then speeches with dessert it was time for the first dance to a live band and some serious dancing the night away.

Wedding couple stand in arch at Armoury House wedding

By David Green

We’ve done lots of great stuff
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Grovefield House Weddings near Windsor

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Our latest Grovefield House wedding day had a dream like quality about it courtesy of thick but very atmospheric fog!

Wedding Ceremony photo at Hazlemere church High Wycombe

Dani and Phil had planned their big day well in advance, and we already had a chance to get to know them better through an engagement shoot they did with us at London’s Alexandra Palace. Great couple of course, so a pleasure to work with on the day.

Confetti throw at Hazlemere Church wedding

We were concerned about traffic to Heathrow on the M25 this foggy Saturday in December, as the news headlines said it would be the busiest travel day of the year. So we we stayed nearby the night before in order to avoid being caught in traffic hell! That meant only a short foggy journey to Danni’s parents house to document her bridal preparations. A happy household excited by the day ahead. It wasn’t long before the bridal car arrived out of the mist and time for us to head to Holy Trinity Church Hazlemere nearby to catch Phil and his groomsmen’s meet and greet. Hazlemere Church as it is also known is very active in the local community.

Couple and wedding car at Grovefield House wedding

After a joyful and heartfelt service Dani and Phil had a confetti throw outside the church in the mist, and then had some family photos in the churchyard while guests enjoyed tea coffee and snacks back inside.


The couple then travelled in their lovely vintage Bentley to the reception venue Grovefield House, Taplow Common Road, Turnham near Windsor. Grovefield House is popular as both a reception and wedding ceremony venue in the local area, and is benefiting from a refresh under new management. Originally it was an Edwardian country house and of course now a desirable Windsor area destination.

Wedding couple walking at Grovefield House Windsor

The newly weds and their guests arrived to a red carpet reception with a fantastic live jazz swing band made up of very talented young locally educated musicians.

Sparklers in the pavilion at night Grovefield House wedding

We had a little time in the fog to do some couple shots as well as lots of reportage coverage of the guests having a good time. We focused on some of our favourite black and white images to feature on this post. Generally we give over a thousand edited images to our couple to own and choose from and this wedding day was no exception.

Fun with sparklers photo at London wedding

Dani and Phil had bought a large amount of sparklers so we wanted to feature these both in the new pavilion and outside the wedding breakfast area. There was also a tree we liked that we thought would make for a nice off camera flash shot which is included here. We hid a guest behind Dani and Phil for this one!

Wedding bouquet resting on vintage Bentley limousine image

All in all a great wedding day to remember of which the fog only added to the already special atmosphere.

Wedding party photo at Grovefield House Windsor

Take a look at the links below for the many featured images in our galleries.

Here is a past blog post on a Valentine’s Day wedding we photographed at Grovefield House: Grovefield House Wedding

By David Green

And just in here’s is Dani and Phil’s lovely review we have just received on Hitched and others:


“From the start David and Joanna were absolutely brilliant. We arranged an engagement shoot in October 2016 to meet David and try to shake off some of our pre-wedding photoshoot jitters… we honestly couldn’t have felt more comfortable on both the engagement shoot and our wedding day. David and Joanna really went out of their way to support and advise us and helped us relax into the experience. We have so many beautiful shots – we really are spoilt for choice! I was so nervous about the pictures but they are just stunning. David and Joanna capture both posed and natural shots between them which makes for a gorgeous collection to remember your special day. I have, and will continue to, recommend them to family and friends as they just seem to have the golden touch!! We have had so so many compliments on our photos and to make it all even better David sent them over to us really quickly. Flawless! To David and Joanna: We’re so lucky to have found you and I know many more brides and grooms will continue to benefit from your talent and passion!!! Thanks so so much for everything x Dani and Phil Smith”

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East London wedding couple in front of graffiti photo

An intimate Shoreditch Wedding day at St Leonard’s in East London

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

St Leonard’s in East London also know as Shoreditch Church is a place we know very well. We have photographed large weddings there, and lovely small intimate ones such as Ana and Matt’s featured here. I shot this one on my own with about twenty guests present (David writing here), and in many ways although I am very confident with crowds, there is a special pleasure for me working with a smaller group of people. With this size of wedding party you really feel the honour and magic of being chosen to document such a special day in a couple’s lives.

Bride in mirror at East London wedding hotel

My coverage started with Ana’s preparation at The Hoxton Hotel right in the heart of Shoreditch, so nice and near to St Leonards. Straight away I could literally feel the love in the room from close friends and family and I knew it would be a super day all round.

Wedding ceremony from balcony at St Leonards Shorditch

After a while I made my way to Shoreditch church to capture Matt and his groomsmen’s preparations.

Shoreditch wedding ceremony exchange of rings image

The church dates from 1740 and has been a major east London landmark ever since. It is much loved but looks to me in some ways like it needs some extra love inside. I’m guessing it must be a financial challenge looking after such an old and large central London building.

London bride on wedding day in front of East End graffiti

As I expected it was a lovely wedding ceremony and when the congregation sang hymns I discreetly went upstairs on to the balcony and captured some images from on high.

wedding couple by grafitti at east London wedding dat

After throwing confetti and taking some family shots in front of the church bride and groom and my good self departed for a quick photographic tour of central East London. Personally I could spend all week there, as everywhere I look I see photo opportunities, but as ever on a wedding day I have to be realistic and know that we are working to tight timelines!

Shoreditch wedding couple by red London phone box photo

Never the less my wedding photography experience has taught we to work fast and efficiently to get the shots no matter how few minutes I may have, and at the same time to be relaxed in myself and with everyone else.

Lets adore and endure each other photo London wedding

We had a lot of fun, and one of the specific requests Ana and Matt had was to be photographed by the Lets Adore and Endure Each Other graffiti. It is a very busy road behind so I was pleased to get a little break in the traffic and then have a red London bus with “Shoreditch” on the front coming into the shot. I know the couple were delighted.

After that it was time to go to the reception venue which was the award winning Empress in Victoria Park. The Empress is a fantastic refurbished Victorian boozer and has an impressive gastro menu. I was so touched to find that Ana and Matt had done me a place name and table setting with their guests and also got me a wedding gift. What a lovely thing to do, and I greatly enjoyed switching off for a little while and talking with the guests. Of course it didn’t take too long before the photography questions started!

To see another wedding day at Shoreditch church from the blog take a look here:

Shoreditch Wedding Photographers. Claire & Jamie’s big day in East London

By David Green

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French wedding photographer chateau photo

Happy New Year to all from our French Wedding Chateau!

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Happy New Year to all the lovely wedding couples and their families we have worked with in the past year.

Here’s a shot we took of the French Chateau venue and it’s reflections before our latest January wedding in minus five degrees in northern France!

We look forward to working with faces old and new in 2017, and making it our biggest and best year yet.

Take a look at a selection of images from the last twelve months in our galleries on the website here: Wedding Galleries

By David Green

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Bride looks from hotel window at St Pauls Cathedral on wedding day

St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding Photographers & Skinners Hall Reception

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | One Comment

There are not many St Paul’s Cathedral wedding photographers, and there are not that many weddings at St Paul’s Cathedral! So we were delighted to speak last year with Jo and Mike about their special day at perhaps Britain’s and certainly London’s most iconic church.

St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographer couple pose outside photo

Famously designed by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London it was completed within his lifetime, and it has dominated the skyline of the capital now for three hundred years.

Bridal preparation in mirror St Pauls wedding

Bride and father in lift on St Pauls wedding day image

Along with Tower Bridge there is nothing quite like it’s shape for screaming out to the world “I am London and magnificent!”

Groom and bestman pose outside St Paul's Cathedral on wedding day

Now for a wedding there the business of tourism doesn’t stop, how could it, so there are certain restrictions we had to work under, one minute only under the dome, no flash photography and no capturing the actual ceremony itself. However we were excited by the challenge and certainly excited by the results!

St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographers image

St Pauls Cathedral wedding ceremony OBE Chapel photo

The day started with coverage of Jo and Mike’s preparations in The Grange St Paul’s Hotel. Joanna stayed with our bride to be while I ran between herself and Mike and his groomsmen, strangely enough gathering around the bar area…As I’ve said before I like a bit of extra exercise on a wedding day.

Wedding recessional at St Pauls Cathedral photo

Bride and groom by red London phone boxes at their St Pauls wedding

After a while Mike and the boys headed to St Pauls’ and the OBE Chapel which is where wedding ceremonies take place. Jo and her proud mother and father and bridesmaids walked the short distance from the Grange to the northwest entrance of St Paul’s. Not surprisingly they created quite a stir as they made their way to the ceremony.

London wedding couple kiss by tube station

After signing the register and our one minute under the dome (!!!) we headed to the famous steps for some group and family photos. The new Mr and Mrs then spent a fifteen minute walk with myself and Joanna for some couple shots on their way to their fantastic reception venue Skinners Hall.

Skinners Hall Wedding bride and groom on bench laughing

Skinners Hall on Dowgate Hill is an excellent and classy venue for either a wedding reception, ceremony or both! It dates from 1670 and is another fine building like St Paul’s built soon after the Great Fire of London.

Couple kiss on balcony at their Skinners Hall wedding reception image

Jo and Mike choose well for their drinks reception on the Italianate roof terrace, and wedding breakfast in the magnificent banqueting hall. We had great fun taking shots in the short time we had between guests taking their seats for the evening meal and the newly weds making their grand entrance. We don’t always get a great deal of time but we make sure we make it count!

Wedding couple celebrate with champagne in Skinners Hall courtroom image

Skinners Hall Wedding photographers image at night

Great speeches featured after the wedding breakfast. I particularly enjoyed Mike’s funny naming and shaming of guests who were late with their RSVP’s from wedding invites, and these were then followed by the traditional cake cutting.  For their first dance the couple boogied a memorable routine accompanied by their live band for the evening. Then it was down to some serious partying.

Couple kiss in front of window at Skinners Hall wedding reception

I have to say we thought the team at Skinners Hall were fantastic, and really made a great and smooth end to a brilliant day for a great couple and their friends and families.

Skinners Hall wedding reception photo

First dance at Skinners Hall wedding London

By David Green

For more images around St Paul’s Cathedral take a look at this blog post from earlier in the year:

St Stephen’s Walbrook and Corney & Barrow Central London Wedding Day

Alternatively check out one of our four galleries below:

We’ve done lots of great stuff
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Groom and ushers laughing at Mayfair wedding photographer

Lansdowne Club and Farm Street Church Wedding Photography

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Wedding couple walk in middle of road in Mayfair London

It’s always great to return to one of our favourites with Lansdowne Club and Farm Street Church wedding photography, as it feels like a second home there in Mayfair. Although we suspect the cost of a second property in the area may be a little bit pricey for a another house!

Wedding vows at Farm Street Church Mayfair London image

This particular big day for Holly and Mike started with Holly’s bridal preparation upstairs in the Lansdowne Club itself. Both Joanna and myself began there to stylishly document events as they happened, but after a little while I trotted a few streets away to catch Mike and his groomsmen preparing heartily in the Punchbowl Pub on Farm Street, just a few doors from the church itself.

Lansdowne Club wedding photographers kiss in ballroom spotlight

Needless to say the Punchbowl is a very popular pitstop for any wedding party on their way to the Church of the Immaculate Conception as it is also known. We had a good time as they were an excellent bunch of chaps, and my favourite moment was when I captured my suggestion on camera that everyone get a free shoeshine from the Westminster Council Street cleaning machine driving by on the edge of the pavement!

Farm Street Church wedding recessional shot London

I jogged back to check on Joanna and Holly and her bridesmaids and then jogged back to Mike and the boys just to prove it’s not just a London wedding photography adventure, but an exercise program for myself built in too!

Wedding confetti outside Farm Street Church Mayfair

Farm Street Church really is beautiful and grand, and so tucked away on Farm Street Mayfair that the casual passerby wouldn’t realise how fantastic it would look inside.

Couple pose by garage doors at Mayfair wedding

After a lovely ceremony, great confetti throw and some quick family shots we took a slow fifteen minute journey back to Lansdowne to get some couple shots. Fashion and commercial photographers get all day to create their magic, we get minutes, which is why wedding photographers take the pressure and make the money they do.

Lansdowne Club reception in Ballroom photo Mayfair

The Lansdowne Club at 9 Fitzmaurice Place established in 1935 was once the home of Harry Selfridge the famous retail magnate. Originally built in 1763 it retains many of its beautiful Georgian features as well as some lovely Art Deco areas too.

Groomsmen get shoe shine from street cleaner at Mayfair wedding

One of our favourite parts of the club is the eighteenth century ballroom, which is an excellent setting for a wedding reception. We used a spotlight to feature Holy and Mike kissing at one point there high up on it’s balcony, and earlier in the day we used a fish eye lens to fully capture the majestic sweep of its Georgian features.

Lansdowne Club wedding couple pose outside entrance

After a jolly drinks reception in the club and the conservatory area it was time for the wedding breakfast and speeches in the ballroom. Another drinks reception followed that and then the hired in band played the first dance and made sure all the guests has a great time boogieing on down!

First dance at Lansdowne Club Wedding

Lansdowne club ballroom wedding reception area image

To see other Mayfair weddings take a look at one of our many website galleries here:

Wedding Galleries

And on the blog here’s some more relevant featured weddings in the Mayfair area:

Lansdowne Club Wedding Photographer

Best London wedding venues

By David Green

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wedding couple hug in Royal Suite at The Goring Hotel

Goring Hotel Wedding Photography in Belgravia and The Royal Suite

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We have photographed many lovely Goring Hotel weddings in London’s Belgravia, and this special day for Robyn and Ciaran was no exception. It has always been a pleasure to return to one of the most impeccably run and exclusive hotels in central London.

Bride waits in hallway at London Goring Hotel wedding

Bride and groom in the Goring Hotel gardens

The staff are fantastic from the front of house to the chefs in the kitchen, and we are not surprised that they are popular with discerning brides and grooms.

Groom and best man at Goring Hotel photo

Wedding ceremony photo at The Goring Hotel central London

This time round it was an added pleasure to be photographing too in the Royal Suite where the Duchess of Cambridge stayed before her wedding day to William at Westminster Abbey.

Wedding recessional photo from Goring Hotel wedding photographers

Created in 2011 the Royal Suite has to be one of the greatest hotel accommodation spaces in the whole of London, and we have seen a few! With two beautiful bedrooms, balcony, bathrooms grand piano and many royal and military artefacts, it is truly special and a wonderful place for the couple to have a drinks receptions later in the day.

Wedding couple pose in the Royal Suite at Goring Hotel wedding

After a lovely intimate ceremony in the downstairs garden and dining room, the wedding party enjoyed champagne and canapés in the Goring’s beautiful private gardens at the back of the hotel.

Laughing outside the Goring Hotel on their wedding day image

After a mixture of natural documentary photography of the proceedings and family shots we snuck the couple away for a short time to photograph them in the gardens and just outside the hotel.

Wedding couple pose outside The Goring Hotel

For another fifteen minutes before the inside drinks reception started in the Royal Suite, we photographed the newlyweds in this wonderful space soaking up the classic atmosphere and decor.

Goring Hotel Wedding Photographers couple in garden image

Later in the day the wedding party enjoyed dinner and speeches downstairs again in the garden rooms, and then danced the night away to a fantastic acoustic quartet.

Take a look at a couple of our other blog posts of wedding days at The Goring here:

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Another lovely wedding at the Goring Hotel in London’s Belgravia

By David Green

Oxo Tower wedding couple on London's Southbank

Oxo Tower Wedding Photographers and St George’s Cathedral

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | One Comment

When we met with Noor and David we were excited to hear they were celebrating their wedding day at London’s Oxo Tower on the Southbank. It’s an area we have taken the kids to many a Sunday for a stroll around the galleries, eateries and shops, and one that we have returned to many other times for central London engagement couple walk on beach at South Bank to Oxo Tower imageThis particular fine days photo coverage started with David documenting Noor and her bridesmaids getting ready at her parents house. While Joanna began with  groom David at St George’s Cathedral in Southwark which they had chosen to host their wedding ceremony.Bride's wedding dress hangs waiting for central London wedding imageThe church was finished in 1848 and was considered the most important catholic cathedral in England in it’s day. Unfortunately it was bombed in the second word war and had to be extensively rebuilt though it retained it’s beauty.Bridal prep for Oxo Tower wedding imageSt George's Cathedral London wedding recessional photoAfter the ceremony the wedding party headed to the Southbank and the Oxo Tower for the couples lavish reception and wedding breakfast.Couple on south bank beach after London Oxo Tower weddingWe shot much in a documentary style capturing the laughter and emotions of the day, but also had fifteen minutes alone outside with the couple too to get some extra shots. Fifteen minutes isn’t long (David timed it!) but we are used to getting what is needed quickly in whatever time scale we are allowed.London Oxo Tower wedding cake photoBack at the reception we finished with speeches, cake cutting and first dance.Wedding couple on the beach Oxo Tower London crop

You can read about more photo shoots on London’s Southbank here:

Chinese Engagement shoot in Central London, Tower Bridge and Southbank

London Southbank Engagement Shoot and

By David Green

Bride and groom having fun at Jumeriah Carlton Hotel Wedding

Greek and Italian Wedding Days at Jumeirah Carlton Tower London

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Well 2016 certainly has been a year of variety for us in the wedding world and very very busy, but it has also been a year full of Greek and Italian weddings too. We don’t think there’s any real reason for that apart from the fact it’s a bit like waiting for a London bus, nothing comes out of the traffic for a while, and then what do you know it’s four in a row! Yes we get a lot of recommendations from couples and their families but the last few special days have either been Greek or Italian or a fusion of both, and that was purely coincidental.

bride gets ready for her Italian wedding in London

London bride photographed from above at Italian wedding

For Lorietta and Nick their special day was a long time in the planning and was to be a respectful mix of Nick’s Greek heritage and  Lorietta’s Italian roots. The brief was to capture a combination of quality reportage photography and couple shots, with a classic and romantic style. It’s always good to know and discuss the overall style goals beforehand and we are used to following a brief, but of course bringing our own interpretation to the day too.

bride arrives at All Saints Greek Cathedral Camden

wedding ceremony at All Saints Greek Cathedral Camden London

Proceedings began in Potters Bar Hertfordshire with Nick’s traditional Greek dressing ceremony, which consists of a wet share with cut throat razor and dressing and blessing from groomsmen friends and family.

Greek wedding ceremony All Saints Camden London

Next we drove to cover Lorietta’s bridal preparation at her parents house in Broxbourne. A beautiful home that her parents basically built themselves – very impressive.

wedding couple kiss in the lift at Jumeriah Carlton Hotel London

After that it was time to beat both bride and groom to the ceremony held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Church of All Saints in Camden Town, London. A very grand setting for a grand wedding ceremony, and after confetti throwing and some family shots inside everyone headed to the reception at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel at 1 Cadogan Place in central London.

bride and groom laugh on stairs Jumeriah Carlton London Wedding

Italian Wedding at Jumeriah Carlton Hotel London photo

The Jumeirah is a a spotless and classy hotel befitting of a reception for a large scale Italian and Greek fusion wedding.

Greek money dance at Jumeriah Carlton London wedding reception

Plan A was that we would do some couple shots in the nearby private gardens however once we arrived, so did the torrential rain. So to Plan B which were photos around the hotel and reception room itself, while guests enjoyed drinks and canapés upstairs.

Italian wedding dress and shoes in brides bedroom photo

The wedding breakfast was again a suitably classic and grand affair, and afterwards everyone enjoyed traditional Greek and Italian dances.

Bride and mother get ready before Italian wedding day image

By David Green

For other Italian and Greek weddings in central London take a look at these related blog posts:

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Best Italian wedding in Woking!



Bride and groom on escalator by London St Pauls Cathedral

St Stephen’s Walbrook and Corney & Barrow Central London Wedding Day

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | One Comment

Another fantastic wedding day in central London for Louise and Kenton, and another chance for myself and Joanna to learn a little more of the history of the nation’s capital!

Wedding at St Stephens Walbrook London photo

Our coverage started at St Stephen’s Walbrook right in the heart of the city near bank station. It’s a beautiful church designed by Sir Christopher Wren which served in many ways as a template for his later creation St Pauls Cathedral. It was interesting for us too as St Pauls wedding photographers to see how some of his architectural ideas took shape.

Wedding vows at St Stephens Walbrook London Church

The altar sits in a fantastic circular area below Wren’s dome design, and wedding ceremonies tend to take place at the end of the aisle that faces the entrance doors. We are guessing though because it is circular it could be anywhere! There is also a very imposing pulpit that I’m grateful the clergy let me use to take some larger group shots.

Husband and wife near Bank Station on London wedding day

Louise arrived in an open topped car with her bridesmaids and walked between a fairy light illuminated aisle to Kenton waiting near the altar. Musicians were ready to play them on and accompany all the hymns. It was by all accounts a passionate and heartfelt ceremony, and afterwards drinks and food were served for all at in the rear courtyard of St Stephens.

Wedding couple stand by Bank Station

Once the guests had made their way to the reception venue Joanna and I spent a little time on foot with the bride and groom taking some central London shots around Bank Stanton, and heading towards St Pauls, great fun.

The wedding reception venue was the lovely Corney and Barrow restaurant and bar in Paternoster Square. Personally I’m a big fan of this area and I was delighted to photograph the bouquet toss here and find some deckchairs for Louise and Kenton to sit in with St Pauls behind them.

Wedding couple on deckchairs by St Pauls cathedral London

While guests sipped complimentary drinks and canapés, the bride and groom and their closest family enjoyed a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in an adjoining room.

Dinner was served by the friendly and efficient Corney & Barrow team followed by speeches, cutting of the wedding cake and dancing the evening away in the shadow of St Pauls. By all accounts another fantastic central London wedding day.

Couple at Corney & Barrow wedding reception

For history fans here’s a wikipedia link to St Stephens Walbrook: St Stephen Walbrook on Wikipedia

For previous wedding in central London take  look at these blog posts: Central London Weddings

Best London wedding photographers

Wedding day at Asia House and Sketch in central London

Bridal bouquet toss in front of St Pauls cathedral London image

By David Green

Bride drives route master bus on her London wedding day photo

Islington Metal Works wedding day starting at Hampstead’s St Stephen’s church

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Well this was seriously another fantastic London wedding day and one to remember for sure. Natalie and Adrian had already done a pre wedding shoot with us in Trent Park north London, so we were nice and familiar with each other. It’s not a prerequisite to do one of these as we are known for being pretty good at making people feel relaxed and comfortable around us as it is.

Bride walks down the aisle at Hampstead wedding

wedding ceremony St Stephens Hampstead

Coverage began at St Stephen’s church on Rossyln Hill, Pond Street Hampstead. Natalie had decided to start things with her arrival there rather than preparations shots, as she and Adrian wanted to focus our time as much on their reception and guests and later evening as possible.

Wedding vows at St Stephens Hampstead LondonBride and groom walk down the aisle at London Hampstead wedding

St Stephen’s Hampstead really is a fantastic looking church, and it is also a deconsecrated one so it’s popular for civil ceremonies and receptions too. It was built in 1869 and designed by Samuel Teulon and was know as the “mighty church.”

Confetti throw at Hampstead wedding day image

After their lovely service and getting absolutely showered by friends and family well armed with wedding confetti, the congregation boarded a 1962 London route master bus to take them to Islington. The featured image of this blog post is Natalie taking charge of driving the bus herself…

Bridesmaids sit on tank at London Islington wedding day image

Reception venue was the magnificent Islington Metal Works just behind Angel station. Built at the end of the nineteenth century it was first a home for horses used to pull London trams. By 1930 it had been converted to a north London metal works. Today we can confidently say as experienced central and greater London wedding photographers, that this is one of the most interesting and unusual venue spaces on offer right now.

Couple photo from Islington Metal Works wedding

Natalie and Adrian made the most of the space to decorate it in a way that reflected themselves and their outlook. That’s the beauty of a venue like this in the sense that although it has a lot of innate personality it can be a blank canvas too.

Bridesmaids pose in front of central London roller doors photo

Wedidng couple kiss by London mosaic Islington Metal Works

We shot a mixture of documentary reportage style and also some of our signature quirky stuff. I was personally delighted to see a tank in the yard outside the metalworks, but I was not so happy to see a bright yellow garbage van next to it. We got the shots but we did have to shoot everything at an angle. For the urban chic shots the couple gave me five minutes…yes guys I checked the image file data, but actually no problem – we got them! I have to say that is something of a record short time, apart from once late at night after rain near the London Stock Exchange a few years ago. For prospective couples reading this, think twenty minutes or so and we should be fine.

Couple look at each other on their central London wedding day

The rest of the evening with speeches, wedding breakfast, dancing and cake cutting was celebrated in the various and unusual spaces of the venue. We would like to give a special mention to the staff the Islington Metal works who were fantastic. They were friendly, efficient and always attentive to everyone, a real credit.

new man and wife kiss at Islington Metal works wedding

For interest here’s a couple of links to other Islington wedding days: Another great Islington Town Hall Wedding, then on to Hoxley & Porter and The Albion and then Islington Town Hall Wedding and Peasant Pub Clerkenwell Reception

couple's first dance at Islington Metalworks wedding

By David Green


Hackney Town Hall and the Zetter Hotel Clerkenwell Wedding Day Photography

By | Barnet Wedding Photographers, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Two grooms in a bath at the Zetter Town House Hotel in Clerkenwell? This can only be a quirky London wedding day!

Better Town House wedding Clerkenwell

Dean and Johannes came to us on recommendation from couple Julie and Ed’s big day at Southwark Cathedral, and reception at the now closed and sadly missed wine and event venue Vinopolis. They had seen the way we worked and the images from that lovely day so they booked us with confidence. We didn’t have a great deal of communication beforehand, but as we knew what they were looking for and we had worked at all the venues previously that was no big deal.

Gay wedding ceremony at Hackney Town Hall

I love that fact that the boys pretty much got themselves ready in front of Hackney Town Hall itself while they waited for guests to arrive. Seriously, only men would do that!

Confetti shot at Hackney Town Hall wedding

The main council chamber is being refurbished, so the ceremony itself was held in a fantastic alternative wood panelled room and was the perfect size for the boy’s wedding party. A special mention to the registrars on this day, who we found to be both sensitive and enthusiastic, and they really added to the occasion.

London male wedding couple pose by wall

Once married Dean and Johannes had a receiving line outside the town hall and then a confetti throw on the steps at the front.

men hold hands on their London wedding day

Two vintage London red routemaster buses were waiting to take the wedding party on a magical mystery tour, both loaded with the finest champagne on tap. How these bus conductors manage to pour drinks on a 1950-60’s bus with that suspension is beyond us! It’s a skill for sure.

Couple with champagne by Clerkenwell phone box

We stopped briefly for a mass visit to the fantastic City of York pub in Holborn, before returning to the routemaster sight seeing tour through central London landmarks. I sat there spotting  all the venues and areas we had photographed in. It was a lot!

Well travelled now we arrived at the Zetter Town House Hotel for the canapés and drink reception. This was actually held in the lovely and atmospheric St John’s Museum Gardens nearby. I managed to grab fifteen minutes during this to take the grooms around the block for some couple shots before returning for the speeches in the gardens. During this time Joanna did some reportage coverage of the guests generally having a very good time indeed.

London gay wedding photographers kissing couple photo

All speeches were entertaining and well delivered, and once those were done the wedding party made their way across the courtyard to the Zetter for the evening reception. Once more drinks and canapés were served in abundance and Dean and Johannes cut their cake and socialised the evening away. As you can see from the first image they also had time to take a dry bath together!

Here’s a link to Julie and Ed’s wedding day: Southwark Cathedral wedding with Butlers Wharf, Tower Bridge & Vinopolis reception

Other Hackney Town Hall weddings: Hackney and Hoxton London Wedding for Carly and Jim

Other Clerkenwell Weddings: Islington Town Hall Wedding & Peasant Pub Clerkenwell Reception

Official website for the Zetter: Zetter Town House

By David Green


couple laugh by tree at Fanhams Hall wedding in Hertfordshire

Another fabulous Fanhams Hall wedding day in sunny Hertfordshire

By | Barnet Wedding Photographers, London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | No Comments

Many times we are asked for wedding supplier recommendations, from florists to vintage cars in the course of our meetings with couples planning their big day. Less often we are asked about reception and ceremony venues. These are often the first stage of a bride and groom’s search, and certainly the main area that gets booked to decide the final wedding date.Fanhams Hall wedding photographer image

No doubt there is an almost bewildering amount of choice for wedding venues in the London and home counties area, and many of them are exceptional. However when we are asked about Hertfordshire it is always without hesitation among others that we recommend Fanhams Hall in Ware.

wedding makeup photo

Groomsmen getting ready in mirror image

This grand place has it all from beautiful and incedibly varied gardens, to the main manor house itself, which is a tasteful mixture of old and new. In fact we have regularly produced fantastic wedding imagery from venues that have less than ten percent of the options that Fanhams has!

Bride and her father walk down aisle for church wedding

couple pose on Japanese pagoda at Fanhams Hall wedding

Newly weds walk down church aisle photo

Having said that the venue does not make the photographer, and sadly we have seen plenty of very average wedding photos coming out of other’s Fanhams Hall wedding days. So if you are in the market for a London or Hertfordshire based wedding photographer for this lovely venue, then please make sure you ask to see the images from an entire wedding there, and not just the usual signature images from the gardens with Fanhams in the background!

wedding couple with car at Fanhams Hall

When we met Hannah and Mat we were excited to hear of their choice of reception venue, and even more excited to hear that they had been at one of our previous Fanhams Hall wedding days and had seen the images we had produced.

wedding photo in Fanhams Hall gardens

We started the day with Hannah’s wedding preparations at her parents home in Chingford and then on to her local catholic church, Our Lady of Grace and St Teresa of Avila.

man and wife kiss under tree at Fanhams Hall wedding

After the ceremony and confetti throwing we all made our way to Fanhams for the drinks reception. While Joanna concentrated on reportage photography of the guests and the wedding breakfast room and details, I took the newly weds around the grounds of the hall.

Holding hands in Chinese garden Fanhams Hall wedding

Now I have shot in every kind of weather condition at Fanhams, some of them all in the same day! In the blog post title we have wrote “sunny Hertfordshire” and this day was a very bright one indeed. What this meant in wedding photography terms was that I looked for areas of good light that avoided hot and unflattering direct sunlight. The sun is always your friend on a wedding day, as long as you know how to photographically turn it to your advantage. It can add side light and back light, and definitely liven up your backgrounds too.

Hole in wall wedding photo at Fanhams Hall

After some family and friends shots it was time for the wedding breakfast and speeches in the grand hall. The couple had a beautiful wedding cake to cut and music and dance courtesy of live band Secret Show Band.

wedding couple head to head in Fanhams Hall orchard image

Once I’d taken a bunch of dancing shots and said my goodbyes, it was time to ride off into the Hertfordshire sunset and say goodbye to Fanhams Hall itself, until next time…

Here’s another blog post about Fanhams wedding days: Fanhams Hall Wedding Photographer

By David Green

Best Italian wedding in Woking main image

Balloons on your big day. Wedding photographers love them!

By | Barnet Wedding Photographers, Wedding Venues | No Comments

The last few years balloons to enhance a wedding day and as a photographic prop have become increasingly popular. To be honest wedding photographers love them, well we do for sure!

couple with balloons on their central London wedding day

What it does is give us interesting options for photos that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Bouquets are great of course, but balloons allow both the bride and groom to hold on to something during a shoot, and subliminally we believe they actually help relax them. Now we are pretty good as it is at making our wedding couples feel at ease, but having a prop is always useful.

wedding couple kiss in London Islington doorway

Reading actors biographies they say that they often make use of props to help them in their performances. It literally gives them something to do! Michael Caine is a fine example of this. Next time you watch him on screen, notice how many times he uses an object in the scene while he is acting.

Wedding at Silverware on the lake Woking

Now there is one golden rule for wedding balloons and that is to make sure they are helium filled. That way they will float upwards of their own accord, otherwise, well they just look a bit silly and floppy! It sounds obvious, but we have witnessed the occasional disappointing wedding balloon.

Couple with balloons on Upper Street crossing at Islington Town Hall wedding

Featured here are some recent weddings from this year and last that made good use of balloons for the couples. Links to these lovely London and home counties wedding days on the blog are featured at the end of this post.

Devonshire Terrace wedding photographer

See more here: Wedding day at Asia House and Sketch in Central London

Best Italian wedding in Woking!

Islington Town Hall Wedding

wedding couple laugh inside Asia House with balloons

By David Green

newlyweds turn round for photo on Islington footpath

Couple laugh during wedding ceremony at Four Seasons Park Lane

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding Photographers Park Lane

By | London Wedding Photographer, Wedding Venues | One Comment

We love photographing weddings in central London. It’s a large part of the work that we do, and we are always pleased to return to Park Lane where we are most often found at the Dorchester or the Hilton. For this fantastic day we were Four Seasons Hotel wedding photographers, which itself is a great venue close to the Hyde Park corner end of this famous thoroughfare.

wedding dress hanging at Four Seasons Hotel London

The happy couple were Emily and Jon, and I had got to know them a little better beforehand after doing an engagement shoot with them at Alexandra Palace. I also spent time with Jon and his groomsmen the day before the wedding for a Turkish barbers session at Ted Bakers grooming rooms, and then on to Churchill’s for some afternoon drinks and cigars. Such is the tough world of wedding photography!

Bride gets ready at Four Seasons Park Lane London

On the big day itself Jon and his groomsmen were getting ready at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, another of our favourite London wedding venues you can read about at the end of this post. Joanna made her way there to cover events as they unfolded including Jon’s trip down the corridor in the luggage trolley!

Groom and best men at Mandarin Oriental Hotel London

Emily got ready with close family at the Four Seasons Hotel itself so that’s where I started my day. I like to know a little about the venues we do our photography in and I found out this particular central London hotel was actually built fairly recently in 1970. However it has just undergone a tremendous £125 million refit designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon in 2010 and really looks the part.

Bridesmaids laughing at Four Seasons Hotel wedding photo

Groom waits as bride arrives Four Seasons Hotel

Kissing photo Jewish wedding Four Seasons Hotel Park Lane

The wedding ceremony itself was truly special with a fabulous arch of flowers made for the couple to say their vows under. Fantastic electric violin playing throughout just added to the romantic atmosphere, and later on to some of the dancing moments.

Jewish wedding Four Seasons Hotel photo

It was a civil ceremony first with signing of the register afterwards, and then we had Jewish elements conducted by the couple’s rabbi, complete with the traditional breaking of the glass underfoot by Jon.

Wedding couple pose on roof Four Seasons Hotel

Champagne reception ensued and it was time for a mixture of documentary photography, family formal pics and time alone with the newly weds for some couple shots around the hotel.

Bridal party pose in lifts Jewish wedding Four Seasons Park Lane London

After the wedding breakfast and some traditional and energetic Israeli dancing and toasts, we had speeches, cake cutting and first dance.

Bride and groom after Jewish wedding day Four Season Hotel London

Providing the nights live music we enjoyed one of our very favourite and best bands on the whole of the UK’s wedding circuit The Superlatives. Not only are these guys a fantastic outfit, but behind the scenes they are great people too. It really added to our pleasure photographing the wedding to have their music shaking the dance floor! Check out their website here: The Superlatives

Jewish dancing at wedding Four Seasons London

To see previous work at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel you can check this blog post: London Mandarin Oriental Wedding Photography

To see another recent large Jewish wedding at a classic London Hotel take a look at his piece from the blog: London Waldorf Hilton Hotel Wedding Photographers

And for other Park Lane weddings at the Dorchester and various Jewish ceremonies you should take look through our extensive on site images here: Wedding Galleries

By David Green

Groomsman with hats Four Seasons Hotel

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