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Kenwood engagement shoot on Hampstead Heath photo

Kenwood House Engagement Shoot Photography in Hampstead

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We are looking forward to Sophie and David’s central London wedding day in July. They came to us through recommendation which is a frequent and pleasant occurrence in wedding photography, and always a good start! For them Kenwood on Hampstead Heath was a place with memories and meaning, and the perfect place for their engagement shoot photography.

Couple kiss in front of Kenwood House engagement shoot

Many is the time we have visited this lovely place to walk both the dogs and our children, and for this shoot it was half term so I (David) took two of our sons with me as well. The boys happily went off to play football in front of the stately home, while myself Sophie and David went on a little photographic adventure.

Engagement photography at Kenwood lake Hampstead

Kenwood House is a former stately home and dates from the seventeenth century. Notably it was a seat for the Murray and Guinness family of aristocrats. It was eventually bequeathed to English Heritage and had a complete refurbishment finished in 2013. Inside there is a fantastic art gallery with priceless paintings by Rembrandt and Van Dyck to name a few.

Wedding couple on Hampstead Heath stare into each others eyes photo

The back of Kenwood has been cleaned up so much compared to what we have been used to seeing over the years, and now it gleams bright white in the sunshine, to the point where it is almost blinding and I wanted to feature that at the end of our shoot. The hardest part is trying to get those shots without all the visitors walking past. Fortunately this was a Tuesday afternoon, it would have been impossible on a weekend, and besides we would probably be photographing a wedding then anyway!

Engagement couple sit on grass at Kenwood House photo shoot

I also wanted to feature the meadowy parts of Kenwood (“meadowy” – is there such a word!??) with lovely spring flowers and blossom, and also try and incorporate the lake nearby in some form. Of course an engagement shoot at Kenwood or anywhere for that matter is a good chance to get to know a couple better, and reinforce the fact that photography in the hands of experienced shooters is fun and rewarding.

Couple hug by tree during Hampstead and Kemwood engagement photography

Couple kiss in arch at Kenwood House London

They sent a quick email after receiving the shots saying:

“Hi David,

Thank you so much for the amazing photos! We love them and everything you captured. We’re now having difficulty trying to choose our favourite for the invitation!!

We are really excited for the wedding photos!

Thanks for also doing this so quickly.

Sophie and David”

Kenwood House engagement shoot photot

By David Green

Engagement shoot couple sit on bench by Kenwood House

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St Pauls Cathedral wedding photographer couple pose outside photo

London Church Weddings, to home counties and beyond!

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London church weddings, we love them! Well any church wedding, although about fifty percent of all ceremonies we cover today are also in licensed and interesting civil venues. We love them too of course!

The reason we thought about writing about church services around the capital and home counties, is because we were asked recently to show a couple at a meeting some extra wedding images taken in churches. They were concerned about available light levels and where would their clergy allow photographers to shoot. The images in this piece were lifted from recent blog posts and were what we showed our couple to answer their questions. They actually booked us there and then.


Needless to say after ten years of fantastic experiences with wedding photography from St Pancras to St Paul’s to St Tropez (yes we have done them all) we are very well versed with capturing beautiful imagery in churches whatever the light levels and position we find ourselves in.

As every wedding day is different, so is every church and it’s clergy that we work with. Some vicars and priests are very relaxed with little restriction on what a photographer can and can’t do. Others have a very clear set of rules and some of whom send us them before the big day. We generally aim to find out well in advance so that we can plan, and we are always very respectful in the midst of a wedding ceremony.

Enfield church wedding shot

We are mindful that a wedding service is an incredibly special and intimate moment for both the couple and their friends and family. Wherever possible we photograph from a distance and put our cameras into silent or semi silent mode.



It’s very important at this time to be as unobtrusive as possible. For the couple this part of the day passes so fast that the photos of what actually happened become even more critical to reliving the moment that their commitment to each other became a “real” marriage.


Italian Wedding CeremonyBride-walks-down-the-aisle-at-Hampstead-wedding

Some of the most important shots to capture well at any church wedding are the brides processional and the the corresponding recessional at the end of the newly weds. The exchange of rings, that first glance when the groom sees his bride to be, and of course the first kiss as man and wife are essential too.


Featured images here are London church weddings as diverse as St Paul’s Cathedral, The Italian Church Clerkenwell, St Bartholomew The Great, Southwark Cathedral, St George’s Cathedral, Shoreditch Church, St Sophia’s Greek Cathedral in Bayswater, Farm Street Church Mayfair, St Stephen’s Hampstead and many many more.

Here’s some links to a few of the previous writings and wedding images from the churches showcased in this post:

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Smithfield Wedding Photographer

Greek Wedding Photographer London & Saint Sophia Cathedral Bayswater

Southwark Cathedral wedding with Butlers Wharf, Tower Bridge & Vinopolis reception

By David Green

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Wedding couple by red phone box Chelsea and St Lukes

Wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall with Laura and James

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Perhaps one of London’s most famous wedding venues is Chelsea Old Town Hall. It’s certainly a place we love to photograph at and we are always excited to return there. Along with Camden Town Hall and Marylebone we would say it is part of central London’s holy trinity of civil wedding venues!

Wedding kiss at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Laura and James chose it partly as James grew up in the near vicinity, but for some of the couples we have photographed, it has been so desirable and so much a symbol of London that they have come from as far as Newcastle and Paris to celebrate their union there.

Confetti throwing at Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding

This wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall actually began in Friern Barnet with Laura and her bridesmaids preparations at her parents home. At the same time we photographed James with friends and family at a watering hole in the Kings Road. That is of course one of the beauties of having more than one photographer! Although David has photographed quite a few smaller wedding days on his own in Chelsea, this one was larger and definitely benefited from Joanna’s presence too.

This special day we also worked alongside Martin Family and his associate videographer Koon from Special Occasion Videos (link at the end of this post). Both these guys have such a relaxed but professional nature that they are always a pleasure to work with, and like ourselves always aim to add to a wedding day without dominating anything in the proceedings. When you are experienced but passionate about what you do then this becomes second nature.

Chelsea Town Hall St Lukes Church wedding

After a ceremony full of love laughter and smiles it was time for that iconic confetti throw on the steps of the old town hall. We always get a sense of deja vu at that point but of course everytime it is totally different.

WEdidng couple in the Sydney Arms pub Chelsea

Once all the hugs kisses and congratulations had been done Joanna travelled with the general wedding party to the reception venue in Enfield North London, while I took Laura and James to some favourite spots I use regularly for couple shots. This included a little trip into the Sydney Arms pub on the way.

Bride and groom in park by St Lukes Chelsea

Once again although we may often shoot in the same general areas in Chelsea, naturally every bride and groom is different and the opportunities that arise and the approach  we take to photography and style reflects this. It is essential that the wedding photography suits the tastes and sensibilities of the people involved, and we pride ourselves on both achieving and surpassing this.

Wedding couple hold hands on Kings Road Chelsea -photo

Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding bride and groom on a bench photo

I actually travelled to the reception with Laura and James in their wedding car which I enjoyed but I have to say this is not normal and we don’t expect this kind of service from you!

Chelsea-bride-leads-horse-in-stables-on-wedding-day-imageExchange of rings at Chelsea Town Hall wedding ceremony

Bride with horse on London wedding day image

The reception was at an equestrian centre that Laura runs in Enfield, and she and James had arranged a large marquee on the grounds for the wedding breakfast and evening celebrations. Family and friends photos were shot there as well as a great deal of the usual naturalistic documentary style of coverage of everyone that makes up an important part of every single wedding day.

Groomsmen chat in field Enfield wedding reception

Here’s another of many weddings at Chelsea Old Town Hall previously featured on the blog: Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding photographer

Videography by: Special Occasion Videos

By David Green


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Hackney Town Hall and the Zetter Hotel Clerkenwell Wedding Day Photography

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Two grooms in a bath at the Zetter Town House Hotel in Clerkenwell? This can only be a quirky London wedding day!

Better Town House wedding Clerkenwell

Dean and Johannes came to us on recommendation from couple Julie and Ed’s big day at Southwark Cathedral, and reception at the now closed and sadly missed wine and event venue Vinopolis. They had seen the way we worked and the images from that lovely day so they booked us with confidence. We didn’t have a great deal of communication beforehand, but as we knew what they were looking for and we had worked at all the venues previously that was no big deal.

Gay wedding ceremony at Hackney Town Hall

I love that fact that the boys pretty much got themselves ready in front of Hackney Town Hall itself while they waited for guests to arrive. Seriously, only men would do that!

Confetti shot at Hackney Town Hall wedding

The main council chamber is being refurbished, so the ceremony itself was held in a fantastic alternative wood panelled room and was the perfect size for the boy’s wedding party. A special mention to the registrars on this day, who we found to be both sensitive and enthusiastic, and they really added to the occasion.

London male wedding couple pose by wall

Once married Dean and Johannes had a receiving line outside the town hall and then a confetti throw on the steps at the front.

men hold hands on their London wedding day

Two vintage London red routemaster buses were waiting to take the wedding party on a magical mystery tour, both loaded with the finest champagne on tap. How these bus conductors manage to pour drinks on a 1950-60’s bus with that suspension is beyond us! It’s a skill for sure.

Couple with champagne by Clerkenwell phone box

We stopped briefly for a mass visit to the fantastic City of York pub in Holborn, before returning to the routemaster sight seeing tour through central London landmarks. I sat there spotting  all the venues and areas we had photographed in. It was a lot!

Well travelled now we arrived at the Zetter Town House Hotel for the canapés and drink reception. This was actually held in the lovely and atmospheric St John’s Museum Gardens nearby. I managed to grab fifteen minutes during this to take the grooms around the block for some couple shots before returning for the speeches in the gardens. During this time Joanna did some reportage coverage of the guests generally having a very good time indeed.

London gay wedding photographers kissing couple photo

All speeches were entertaining and well delivered, and once those were done the wedding party made their way across the courtyard to the Zetter for the evening reception. Once more drinks and canapés were served in abundance and Dean and Johannes cut their cake and socialised the evening away. As you can see from the first image they also had time to take a dry bath together!

Here’s a link to Julie and Ed’s wedding day: Southwark Cathedral wedding with Butlers Wharf, Tower Bridge & Vinopolis reception

Other Hackney Town Hall weddings: Hackney and Hoxton London Wedding for Carly and Jim

Other Clerkenwell Weddings: Islington Town Hall Wedding & Peasant Pub Clerkenwell Reception

Official website for the Zetter: Zetter Town House

By David Green


couple laugh by tree at Fanhams Hall wedding in Hertfordshire

Another fabulous Fanhams Hall wedding day in sunny Hertfordshire

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Many times we are asked for wedding supplier recommendations, from florists to vintage cars in the course of our meetings with couples planning their big day. Less often we are asked about reception and ceremony venues. These are often the first stage of a bride and groom’s search, and certainly the main area that gets booked to decide the final wedding date.Fanhams Hall wedding photographer image

No doubt there is an almost bewildering amount of choice for wedding venues in the London and home counties area, and many of them are exceptional. However when we are asked about Hertfordshire it is always without hesitation among others that we recommend Fanhams Hall in Ware.

wedding makeup photo

Groomsmen getting ready in mirror image

This grand place has it all from beautiful and incedibly varied gardens, to the main manor house itself, which is a tasteful mixture of old and new. In fact we have regularly produced fantastic wedding imagery from venues that have less than ten percent of the options that Fanhams has!

Bride and her father walk down aisle for church wedding

couple pose on Japanese pagoda at Fanhams Hall wedding

Newly weds walk down church aisle photo

Having said that the venue does not make the photographer, and sadly we have seen plenty of very average wedding photos coming out of other’s Fanhams Hall wedding days. So if you are in the market for a London or Hertfordshire based wedding photographer for this lovely venue, then please make sure you ask to see the images from an entire wedding there, and not just the usual signature images from the gardens with Fanhams in the background!

wedding couple with car at Fanhams Hall

When we met Hannah and Mat we were excited to hear of their choice of reception venue, and even more excited to hear that they had been at one of our previous Fanhams Hall wedding days and had seen the images we had produced.

wedding photo in Fanhams Hall gardens

We started the day with Hannah’s wedding preparations at her parents home in Chingford and then on to her local catholic church, Our Lady of Grace and St Teresa of Avila.

man and wife kiss under tree at Fanhams Hall wedding

After the ceremony and confetti throwing we all made our way to Fanhams for the drinks reception. While Joanna concentrated on reportage photography of the guests and the wedding breakfast room and details, I took the newly weds around the grounds of the hall.

Holding hands in Chinese garden Fanhams Hall wedding

Now I have shot in every kind of weather condition at Fanhams, some of them all in the same day! In the blog post title we have wrote “sunny Hertfordshire” and this day was a very bright one indeed. What this meant in wedding photography terms was that I looked for areas of good light that avoided hot and unflattering direct sunlight. The sun is always your friend on a wedding day, as long as you know how to photographically turn it to your advantage. It can add side light and back light, and definitely liven up your backgrounds too.

Hole in wall wedding photo at Fanhams Hall

After some family and friends shots it was time for the wedding breakfast and speeches in the grand hall. The couple had a beautiful wedding cake to cut and music and dance courtesy of live band Secret Show Band.

wedding couple head to head in Fanhams Hall orchard image

Once I’d taken a bunch of dancing shots and said my goodbyes, it was time to ride off into the Hertfordshire sunset and say goodbye to Fanhams Hall itself, until next time…

Here’s another blog post about Fanhams wedding days: Fanhams Hall Wedding Photographer

By David Green